Why Choose Us?


At Retail Security Limited, our workforce is our most valuable asset. As such, we prioritise fostering an environment that is not only profitable and productive but also promotes well-being, growth, and satisfaction among our valuable employees.


Exceptional staff well-being


Our commitment to our employees starts with prioritising their well-being. We understand the importance of a balanced work-life environment and how it contributes to the overall health and satisfaction of our staff. This understanding informs our policies and working conditions, which are designed to protect our employees’ well-being, boost morale, and improve productivity.


We offer generous break times


We recognise the physical demands of a retail security guard and are devoted to ensuring our staff members have sufficient rest to rejuvenate themselves. Apart from scheduled meals and tea breaks, we also have additional rest periods so that employees who are on their feet for long hours can have regular and consistent break times with the help of onsite dedicated staff member. We believe that regular breaks improve overall performance, enhance job satisfaction, and reduce work-related stress and fatigue.


Regular welfare checks


In our effort to consistently promote employee welfare, we have an onsite dedicated staff member whose primary role is to conduct regular welfare checks. They are available to hear out any concerns, provide solutions to issues, and ensure that our staff members’ welfare and regular break times are continually attended to. This proactive approach enables us to promptly address any concerns and maintain an excellent working environment for all.


Competitive Hourly Pay Rate


We firmly believe in the value of work and the importance of recognising our employees’ contributions. Therefore, we offer an hourly pay rate that stands out in the current security industry, it is highly above the minimum wage and significantly higher than our competitors. This rate not only reflects the value we place on your skills and contributions but also signifies our commitment to fair and equitable remuneration.


Career Progression & Development


We are not just interested in hiring you for a job; but instead we’re interested in helping you build a career. Our company provides ample opportunities for career progression and development. We believe in promoting from within and support this belief with robust professional development programs and mentorships. As an employee, you’ll have numerous opportunities to grow, improve, and take on more significant roles within our organisation.


Choose us as your employer and become part of a team that genuinely cares about your well-being, appreciates your work, and invests in your professional growth.

Join us today, and let us help you shape your career path while experiencing a uniquely rewarding work environment.


To apply, please send your C.V to: