Retail Security
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Our Retail Security Guards Group Photo
Our Retail Security Guards Group Photo
Our Retail Security Guards Group Photo

Why Choose Us?

  • Our security guards come from diverse backgrounds such as airport security, NZ police and NZ corrections – therefore they are all trained and physically fit to handle complex and high risk situations such as grab & go incidents as well as other serious incidents such as hostage situations (god forbid).

  • We will take care of all our security guards break times at NO extra charge, in order for your team to focus on serving their clients and walk in customers, and not having to worry about covering for the guard whilst on break times. This is crucial because anything can happen (security wise) when the guard is on break times, therefore we offer an additional guard to cover the guards on their break times at NO additional cost.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your retail business is in the hands of a trusted and reliable retail security company with a decade of experience in the industry.

  • We take our security guards grooming standards very seriously, therefore we will ONLY provide you with highly professional and well groomed retail security guards with NO sloppy footwear or not “pressed / dry cleaned” suit.
  • Our guards will not waste valuable security time by frequently taking toilet breaks – we are well aware of this “Classic Trick” that most security guards perform, therefore we have implemented stringent measures to prevent any such misuse of duty hours.
  • We maintain complete compliance with the stringent regulations enforced by the Ministry of Justice in New Zealand & the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority.
    We are fully licensed and fully registered security business, adhering to the highest standards of security business practice in the respective jurisdictions.

Here's a selection of our esteemed staff members:



As a former Corrections Officer at one of New Zealand’s busiest remand institutions, Joshua brings a wealth of security and loss prevention expertise.

Janet O'Connor | Retail Security Guard


A former NZ Police call centre operator. Janet brings a wealth of experiences in various aspects related to communication, incident responses and public safety.


3 years of AVSEC service at Auckland International Airport, Hannah brings a range and highly significant security experiences to our team.

Hannah Su'a


A former Central Auckland Police Constable. George is highly skilled in crime prevention, public safety, and risk mitigation.

George Ford | Senior Retail Security Guard