Retail Security Limited is a preeminent security company that was conceived out of a shared vision amongst a group of experienced frontline officers. Recognising a gap in the security market for a company solely focusing on retail security, these officers brought their considerable experience and knowledge together to create Retail Security Limited. This innovative approach to security service provision not only positioned us as industry pioneers but also made us the go-to security company for businesses seeking retail-specific security solutions.

The journey of Retail Security Limited began with an enlightening conversation. Our founding members, all former frontline officers, identified an unfulfilled demand in the security industry: a dedicated retail security company. It was this realisation that led to the birth of Retail Security Limited. We saw an opportunity to offer services that addressed the unique needs of retailers, which hadn’t been catered to before.


Our founders, with their collective experience and expertise, understood the pressing needs of the retail industry. They knew the industry was in dire need of specialised, nuanced security services that only a dedicated team of professionals could provide. Retailers required a security partner that understood their unique challenges, could offer bespoke solutions, and most importantly, was committed to their specific industry.

This dedication to retail security is what sets Retail Security Limited apart from its competitors. We’re not a one-size-fits-all security company; we’re a team of dedicated professionals specialising in retail security. We understand the retail sector better than anyone else, and our services reflect this deep-rooted understanding.


Since our inception, we’ve remained true to our mission – to revolutionise retail security. Our commitment to this mission, coupled with our dedicated approach, has garnered us the trust of countless businesses. We proudly protect a diverse array of retailers, each with its unique set of challenges and needs.

In addition to our specialised services, we are also dedicated to continuous innovation. We understand that as the retail industry evolves, so too do its security needs. Our team is consistently at the forefront of these changes, ensuring our clients receive cutting-edge solutions that address their current and future security concerns.


Retail Security Limited is more than just a security company; we’re a partner to retailers, understanding their unique security needs and providing tailored solutions to ensure their protection. We are proud to be the market leaders in the retail security industry, fulfilling a gap that was long overdue.


We invite you to explore our specialised services further and learn why Retail Security Limited is the ultimate choice for your retail security needs. Let’s work together to make your retail spaces not just secure, but thriving as well. Because at Retail Security Limited, we believe in security that enables business, not just one that protects it.


“We maintain complete compliance with the stringent regulations enforced by the Ministry of Justice in New Zealand and the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority. We are fully licensed and officially registered, adhering to the highest standards of security business practice in the respective jurisdictions.